21st Century Solar Camelback Houses


Graft Architectshave unveiled a new house design that takes inspiration from thehistoric camelback shotgun typology. Traditionally camelback homes werebuilt to allow the owners to add a partial second story to a residencewhich could serve multiple purposes. These next-gen camelback homes byGraft Architects have been designed for the “Make It Right Program”. The architects have designed 2 prefabricated units, which are constructed off-site.


TheLEED Platinum Certified houses are powered by a photovoltaic arraymounted on the roof. Residents enter the house from the side porchlanding, which leads them into a large open space, containing differentrooms. The lower unit features a flexible layout, which can be changedfrom a three bedroom to a two bedroom and office layout if required.


Theexterior staircase carries the owners to a rooftop terrace, which mightalso be used a private deck for upper dwelling. It also gives theowners access to the photovoltaic array, which can easily be maintainedthis way.


Via: DesignBoom



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