2010: The Year of VC for Solar, Wind, and Energy Efficiency

According to a recently published report by Peachtree Capital Advisors, a New York-based investmentbank, investors loved renewable energy in2010. The report notes that the wind industry closed the year at $4.8 billion in transaction valuewhile solar finished at $.3.2 billion. Not to be forgotten, smart gridand LED lighting companies closed at $2.5 billion.

As far as 2010 investments in cleantech companies went in 2010,energy-efficiency start-ups closed the most deals with venturecapitalists (VCs). But it was actually solar energy start-ups that sawthe most VC money. As for wind? It’s a more mature market with a greater number of companies already well-positioned, meaning there was lessroom for start-ups to move in to the sector.

So what does all this fancy finance talk mean for the future of clean energy? It means that investors — most of which spend their timedissecting  scores of markets in order to find wise investment — see agreat upside in renewable energy. And as long they keep investing, theindustry will keep moving forward.

2010 Was Year of Venture Capital for Solar, Wind, Energy Efficiency

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