2010 American Solar Challenge Underway

photo 02306 2010 American Solar Challenge Underway

The 2010 AmericanSolar Challenge (ASC2010) is officially underway!

On Saturday, solar-powered vehicles took off at noon from BrokenArrow, Oklahoma, en route to the Chicago suburb of Naperville. ASC is acompetition where students design, build and drive solar-poweredvehicles in a rally event. This year’s event marks the 20th anniversaryof the ASC.

In an effort to promote a greater understanding of solar energytechnology, this hands-on competition provides the opportunity forstudents to “develop and demonstrate their technical and creativeabilities” while learning about the benefits of solar power.

To qualify, each team must pass several inspections, meet various regulations and complete a minimum number of laps in the FormulaSun Grand Prix (FSGP), a three-day track race held earlier this month.Michigan came in first place and Stanford and Minnesota tied for thefastest.

Teamscomprised of students from all over the world that successfullyqualified to compete in the 2010 American Solar Challenge include:

  • Illinois State University – Mercury III
  • Iowa State University – Anthelion
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology – Solar Miner VII
  • Northwestern University – Nusolar sc5
  • Oregon State University – Odyssey
  • Stanford University – Apogee
  • State University of New York New Paltz – SUN Hawk
  • University of Kentucky – Gato del Sol IV
  • University of Michigan – Infinium
  • University of Minnesota – Centaurus 2
  • University of Texas at Austin – Samsung Solorean
  • Western Michigan University – Sunseeker

International teams from Canada, Germany and Taiwan include:

  • Hochschule Bochum – Bochum University of Applied Sciences –SolarWorld No. 1
  • National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences – Apollo VI
  • University of Calgary – Schulich Axiom
ASCweb 2010 American Solar Challenge Underway

The on-road race takesplace between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Once the green flag is dropped,each team took off in one minute intervals. As the teams travel acrossthe Midwest, they will stop at various mandatory checkpoints along the1,200 mile route.

At each stop, the teams will mingle with the public and the media.Teams charge their batteries for several hours in the morning and night. Morning charge time begins each day at 7:00 A.M. and evening chargetakes place at 6:00 P.M.

ASC2010 runs from June 20 through June 26th, 2010. The checkered flag will drop at the Naperville North High School in Naperville, IL.ASC2010 is hosted by the non-profit organization, Innovators Educational Foundation.

For updated information on the status of each team, please visit the website.

Images credit: ASC2010

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