15 Green Concept Computers

lifebook leaf multipurpose laptop concept

Technology advancements are known to make what was new today appearobsolete tomorrow. Developments in the field of Information Technologyare today happening so fast that computers come into the market and aresoon rendered a piece of junk as well. This has therefore given rise to a new field of computing known as Green Computing, which encourages the use of environmentally sustainable computers, andaccessories which during usage and disposal cause minimal or no harm tothe environment. Also referred to as Green IT, this technology aims toincrease energy efficiency and reduce the use of hazardous chemicals inhardware designing which in turn when disposed or recycled do not harmthe environment.

Latest O Project Dell personal computer concept is really green!

dell pc concept green desktop eco friendly

For the start don’t be misled by the name. This PC concept called the O Project and designed by Luis Luna (and not by Dell) has a host of eco-friendlyfeatures. Not only is its skin composed of polymers got from bamboo andcornstarch biodegradable, but its other components too can be returnedto the manufacturer for recycling when the model gets obsolete.

Bio degradable Desktop computer from Dell Computing contest

froot eco friendly computer

This flat computer also known as Froot and designed by Mexican Paulina Carols was recently unveiled at theDell Regeneration Green Computing technology Contest. The USP of thiscomputer available in four natural colors is that it is made entirely of bio-products. Ergonomically designed using high end laser projectiontechnology and with onboard CD drives, this wonder doesn’t needperipherals such as a monitor or keyboard as it is projected on thefloor. Furthermore with its body being carved from bio decomposablestarch based polymers, the computer not just gets a unique look but also facilitates being recycled as the electrical parts can be returned tothe manufacturing firm when obsolete. No doubt, a great gadget fortechies to “go natural”.

Solar laptop concept by Nikola Knezevic

solar laptop concept by nikola knezevic

Designed by Nikola Knezevic, the solar laptop no doubt looks weird but makes absolute sense from the green viewpoint. Contrived to utilize solar energy, this laptop has attached to its tophalf a solar panel that can be folded out to catch sunlight irrespective of whether the laptop is in its open or closed position. This solarpanel would thus help harness solar energy thereby ensuring a fullytopped up battery pack and a saving on the electricity bill.

Environmentally Friendly EVO PC Concept

evo pc concept1

Made from environmentally sustainable materials the EVO PC is one of the best alternatives for achieving a smaller carbonfootprint as compared to those got from the traditional PC. Basicallyconsisting of two parts – the EVO Base Unit and the EVO Client module,the EVO PC is a virtual computer with all upgrades, support andmaintenance happening on a remote server. While the EVO Base Unit houses connectors to peripherals, network functioning and power, the EVOClient module which is 99 percent smaller in volume than a typical EVOclient houses a low power processor PC board, flash memory, RAM,circular EVO clocking connector and wireless cords.

Designed with the prime objective of being able to meet all majorenvironmental issues, and with the EVO client also having 96 percentless mass than a typical desktop PC, the EVO PC concept cuts down onenergy, materials and packaging required for the basic production andtransport of a PC to the end-user as well.

Flux PC Eco-Friendly Computing System

flux pc concept 1

For today’s generation which wants everything handy and minimal; and yet eco-friendly, the Flux PC concept is the best alternative. This concept has a fresh design where theinput and the storage devices are squashed, flexible and stylish. Theconcept is designed around a portable display that interfaces with awearable bracelet holding the necessary digital information. The display that assists in up-scale viewing not just integrates a large screenarea and multimedia devices but also helps interface wirelessly withother computers if need be. While the display with a core touch screenis designed using environmentally friendly resources thereby making iteconomical, the bracelet is a customized delicate creation.

Lawn PC is a green computing concept

lawn pc_2 thumb 450x300

Designer David Veldkamp after his green Peugeot 1008 Lean conceptvehicle has now come up another environmentally friendly concept – the Lawn PC. Designed basically to generate and run on its own harnessed power, this PC doesn’t require energy from fossil fuels to power it. Furthermore it has in its design recyclable grass blades with circuits and solar cells incorporated to help harness power, which can therefore save almost 876 KWh power per year. This Lawn, as the power generating unit is called,is modular in design and has 3” by 3” squares, so the CPU can anytime be detached from it when obsolete and sent for recycling and/ordecomposition. Also, while the new upgraded Lawn compatible modelarrives, the existing Lawn can be connected to iPod docking stations orother electronics thereby conserving power. Another positive of this PCis that it also does not emit any harmful greenhouse gases when inoperation. No doubt – a “Go Green” effort at its best!

Igglu modular PC concept makes upgrading simple and clean

igglu modular pc_8aoow_69

Designed to reduce e-waste and make the regular chore of customizing and upgrading computers easy as and when technology advances, the Igglu Modular PC concept involves easy component removal and replacement with a better modelusing an online account in addition to maximizing resource and energyefficiency. Designed from standard reusable and recyclable products thehigh performance modules of this PC concept, such as the optical drives, PCI drives, graphic cards, RAM and hard drives are color coded andeasily swappable. Also, when swapped the old modules are reused inbudget services by the company or in other cases recycled.

Compaq EOS sustainable desktop encourages recycling by easing disassembly

compaq eos_4_jtcen_69

Designed for the HP brand by Cody Stonerock this sustainable computer is low cost as well as has minimal carbon footprint. Offering basiccomputing power, this computer’s assembly advocates snap fitting instead of using extra fasteners, thereby making it easy for parts to bereplaced or repaired as they can be singularly shipped. Moreover, thisalso encourages partial recycling as and when required. Furthermoredesigned to consume less desk-space, this desktop has magnetic keyboardmounts on the monitor’s rear. For decreasing the use of power, the mouse can be recharged at a built-in USB port. HP in a bid to encouragerecycling also offers a take back policy in addition to usingbiodegradable bio-resins and aluminum within its assembly.

‘Bento’ solar-powered concept computing

bento solar powered laptop

Designed by US based Rene Lee, Bento is a modular and solar powered computing system with features of asmartphone, tablet computer and notebook, all rolled into one. Thissustainable computing device with integrated solar panels to charge theinbuilt lithium ion battery features a 15 inch OLED screen (more thanenough for a tablet) and a smart-phone in addition to a 1 TB hard drive. What makes bento – the three in one package attractive is that thetablet and smartphone can be disengaged and used independently when thebattery is fully charged.

Lifebook Leaf multipurpose laptop concept

lifebook leaf multipurpose laptop concept

One of the latest environmental friendly tech developments, the Lifebook Leaf is a concept laptop whose design in all likelihood will revamp thelaptop industry. Based on solar power, this computer has a thin OLEDtouchscreen which can be folded like a laptop or spread out flat. Somuch for the design quotient, the exterior is made of a shatterproof and optically sensitive polycarbonate that also doubles within itself asolar cell which can be charged when the Lifebook Leaf is folded openand placed upside down. Additionally it also has an OLED panel at theback to alert the user for messages if any received during charging. For communication, this laptop also has a 4G module.

Ecofriendly desktop computer that never becomes obsolete

dell loop_1_wdzpq_69

Loop, a system designed for Dell by Jocko Chan is a desktop computer that can be recycled and whose technology is obsolete-proof. Availableonline, this compact system has no screws within its inside which therefore minimizes waste andsaves space. With exteriors made of plastic lumber and matte whiteplastic, the exterior of this system is very thin as its design isinspired from that of cactus leaves. The unique design not only aids the computer to merge harmoniously with the home furniture but also offerssufficient space for heat dissipation.

Power Flower PC concept for a green geek

power flower main_fug5r_5784

Designed to resemble daisies rising up in the sky, the Power Flower PC is a complete computer that was listed in the top five final entries at the Design ReGeneration competition. Drawing power from a hydrogen fuel cell, which has been created by resting the white base of the CPU andthe power supply into a green field that is mounted atop a watercontainer this computer is free of any other additional power sources,physical sockets, peripherals or cables. Other features of this hi-techPC include a camera to capture gestures and movements of the user inaddition to a face camera which has a microphone and a speaker, thuseliminating the need of a keyboard or mouse. Monitor is also done awaywith as a small display device projects images on any available nearbysurface. With other basic features such as wi-fi and Bluetooth, thePower Flower PC boasts of also recycling water as it generates power for itself.

Avant-grade tablet styled computer keeps e-waste at bay

clear computing concept4_2dos5_5784

Designed by Wataru Watanabe, the Clear computer concept is a project that is environmentally sustainable with facility forupgrading features and other miscellaneous hardware thereby reducinge-waste and overall consumption. Facilitated with an OLED display withstylus input, this concept minimizes the need of peripherals renderingthis computer handy and portable. A leather hinge renders protection tothis unique portable tablet.

Recyclable paper laptop for sustainable computing

recyclable paper laptop_1_1u5iu_69

Made from pulp materials and recycled paper packed in layers, this unique concept laptop has been designed by JeSung Park. Considering its unique design and modeling concept, thiscomputer is definitely recyclable as well as easily upgradeable.

Napkin PC – ‘Green’ computer to encourage group interaction

napkin pc 2_h3ibg_69

Consisting of several Napkin modules which has lent the computerconcept its very name, this system developed by Avery has a base station for interface control and a Pen for giving out commands. The result istherefore a high speed RF wireless connection which encourages groupinteraction as branching out gets easy. The availability of multipleinterfaces on this system renders multi tasking easier as well. With amulti touch input that responds both to the Pen as well as the humanhand as well as a OLED status display on the front, the Napkin PC however has numerous components which are bound to need replacementmore often. Considering this, the designer has added an inductivecircuit for powering this PC and which is easy to recycle. So much forthe ecofriendliness, the designer has supplemented the design quotientby designing the base station like a napkin holder.

Solar-powered clamshell PC might urbanize rural India


Designed for rural India, this mini PC concept from Yogesh has asmall LCD screen that can roll out of the main body. Christened “Mitra”, meaning friend, this solar powered mini PC has facilities for providing online help to the farmers. For those wanting to give presentations the PC also has a built-in LED projector. With wi-fi connectivity andonboard storage battery that can be charged using its solar panels or ahand crank this PC is not just green but is also capable ofrevolutionizing rural India.



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