15 Cities Vulnerable to Climate Change

Maputo, Mozambique
Population: 1.1 million
Land: Coastal lowlands bordering the Indian Ocean
Climate: Tropical humid with an annual rainfall of 900 millimetres (mm)
Major concerns: Cyclones which cause flooding, a rise in sea level and coastal erosion


WorldWatch Institute

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Population: 2.1 million
Land: Contains the watersheds of four major rivers; some woodland, coastal swamps, coastal shrubs and mangrove trees
Climate: Hot and humid with two rainy seasons and an average annual rainfall of 1,000mm
Major concerns: Flooding, a rise in sea level and coastal erosion

Mombasa, Kenya
Population: 870,000 Land: Low-lying coastal plain
Climate: Warm and tropical with average temperatures of 26oC and high humidity
Major concerns: Rise in sea level, high temperatures and storms

Khulna, Bangladesh
Population: 1.3 million
Land: Part of the world’s largest delta
Climate: Hot, wet and humid with a high annual average rainfall of 1,900mm
Major concerns: Increased frequency and level of flooding, increasedfrequency and extent of storm surges and increased frequency andintensity of cyclones, water-logging, saltwater intrusion,sedimentation and riverbank erosion

Cotonou, Benin
Population: 665,000
Land: Located on the barrier beach between the Atlantic Ocean and a lake; land is made up of alluvial sands and lagoons
Climate: Sub-equatorial with temperatures between 27 and 31oC and average annual rainfall of 1,000 mm
Major concerns: Flooding and violent winds

Nouakchott, Mauritania
Population: 550,000
Land: Low-lying on the Atlantic Ocean, predominantly on l’Aftout es Saheli, a long, narrow coastal lagoon
Climate: Arid with temperature varying between 14 and 37oC and average annual rainfall of 600mm
Major concerns: Coastal flooding and sand damage

Diourbel, Senegal
Population: 100,000
Land: Located in a valley with no bodies of water and weak soil
Climate: Sahelian climate with 400-500mm of rainfall per year
Major concerns: Lack of water and problems with drainage and agriculture

Bamako, Mali
Population: 1.1 million
Land: Savannah, built on either side of the Niger River
Climate: Average annual temperature of 28oC and average annual rainfall of 1,100mm
Major concerns: Deforestation due to fires, grazing and drought has ledto erosion of the hillsides; flooding due to short intense rains; andwater scarcity

Khartoum, Sudan
Population: 3.9 million Land: Located on the confluence of the White and Blue Niles
Climate: Hot arid climate with an average annual rainfall of 155mm and a very high average temperature of 38oC
Major concerns: Drought and extreme flooding

Thimphu, Bhutan
Population: 100,000
Land: The city lies in a gentle valley along a river at an altitude of2,300m, with a mixture of forest areas, terraces and marshlands
Climate: Cool and temperate with temperatures ranging from 0 to 25oC and average annual rainfall of 675mm
Major concerns: Flooding, landslides and fires

Kathmandu, Nepal
Population: 1 million
Land: The city is situated in a valley 1,300m above sea level
Climate: Cool and temperate with an average annual rainfall of 1,300mm and temperatures ranging from 10 to 24oC
Major concerns: Flooding

Harare, Zimbabwe
Population: 2 million
Land: Watershed plateau between two major rivers at an altitude of 1,550m; hilly in rocky areas and flatter in the south
Climate: Humid subtropical climate with average temperature of 18oC and an average annual rainfall of 850mm
Major concerns: Flooding and pollution

Kampala, Uganda
Population: 1.1 million
Land: Built on seven hills 1,200m above sea level
Climate: Equatorial climate with cool breezes from Lake Victoria andthe mountains; average annual rainfall of 1,200mm, with temperaturesranging between 17 and 22oC
Major concerns: Flooding and droughts

Lusaka, Zambia
Population: 1.1 million
Land: The city is situated at an altitude of 1,300m
Climate: Sub-equatorial but moderated by the city’s altitude
Major concerns: Flooding and droughts

Blantyre, Malawi
Population: 700,000
Land: Located in the Shire Highlands with varied topography ranging from an elevation of about 780 to 1,600m above sea level
Climate: Tropical continental climate with a rainy and a dry season
Major concerns: Flooding



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