110 KW System From Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Powers Boston Sand And Gravel

Evergreen Solar just announced the successful installation of a100KW system to provide power for Boston Sand and Gravel. The system,which utilizes 500 Evergreen Solar panels and Solectria RenewableInverter and custom engineered mounting system , provides enough energyto meet two thirds of the energy needs for the company’s maintenancefacility. The installation is expected to pay for itself in 5 1/2years.

In a company press release, executives from both companies commented on the deal:

“This is not only a significant solar installation for Boston Sand& Gravel, it’s a milestone for the City of Boston as it is thefirst 100kw plus project to be installed under the Commonwealth Solarand Solar Boston initiatives of both Governor Patrick and MayorMenino,” said Terry Bailey, Evergreen Solar’s senior vice president ofsales and marketing. “Boston Sand & Gravel’s choice to useEvergreen Solar’s panels will not only show immediate results inperformance as our panels deliver more electricity (kilowatt hours perkilowatts installed) throughout the day than any crystalline siliconpanel, but it will also help the company accomplish its carbon goalssince our panels have both the smallest carbon footprint and thequickest energy payback of any silicon based solar panel in thebusiness.”

“Boston Sand & Gravel is excited and pleased to completeour solar installation,” Dean Boylan, President of Boston Sand &Gravel said. “It is a cornerstone of our Green Plan through which wewill support our customers with materials for green construction whilereducing our energy consumption in the production of those materials.”

110 KW System From Evergreen Solar (ESLR) Powers Boston Sand And Gravel


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