11 Sites that Specialize in Green Video Content

 11 Sites that Specialize in Green Video Content

emPivot(Video): This site aims to allow people to see green from all angles.It is the first online network to bring together the wide range of usergenerated and premium video content related to the environment. As aresult, emPivot is a powerful aggregator of green-related media contentfor anyone and everyone to access online. Their diverse network ofusers (people, organizations, and companies) share video content,connect with each other to share media. emPivot’s key competitive edge,may be its search engine. Videos are presented by categories including Business & Technology, Cars & Transportation, Community Development, Culture, Faith & Philosophy, Energy & Climate,Entertainment, Food, Health & Home ,Green Building, Land, Air & Water Issues, Nature & Conservation, Politics & Advocacy. Videos are also presented by genres including All Education & Awareness, Film & Documentary, Humor, Interviews & Speeches, News, Opinions & Editorials, Other, Products & Services, Shows & Animation, Tips & How To’s. Videos can also be searched by tags including: green environment sustainability sustainable CSR environmental 3bl green business bottom line cause marketing community involvement accountability corporate responsibility socially green venture environmentalism social responsibility energy climate change and global warming.

EcoLive:A green video community for protecting our Environment. They search theweb to collect and present the best green videos and share them ontheir site. Their site offers green videos in many categories includingfeatured, most sent and most viewed. Categories include Advocacy & Activism, Alternative Energy, Animal Protection, Conferences, Documentaries, Endangered Animals, Extreme & Special, Fun and Entertainment, Global Warming & Climate Change, Green Living, Green Technology, Marine Life, Nature & Forest Protection, Ocean Conservation, Music, and TV Show.

Planet Green(Videos): They provide clips and full episodes and addresses a widearray of subjects from the world’s greenest homes to algae poweredjets. Planet Green’s DIY Projects feature is full of great ideas and advice to get a green do-it-yourself lifestyle started. They have many shows including Planet 100 which provides up to date news and information in less than 100 seconds. Other shows include 100 Mile Challenge, Emeril Green, Focus Earth, G Word, Living With Ed, My Place Renovation Nation With Steve Thomas, Stuff Happens, Total Wrecklamation, Wa$ted! , World’s Greenest Homes Planet green topics include, Blue August Ocean and Water Issues, Coal: The Good, The Bad, The Dirty, Fashion and Beauty Videos Planet Green, Food and Health Videos From Planet Green, Home & Garden Videos From Planet Green, New Holiday Traditions, Solar Energy Videos, Tech and Transport Videos From Planet Green, Travel and Outdoors Videos From Planet Green, Work and Connect Videos from Planet Green.

GoGreen Tube:They invite the world to share and view green videos online that helpprovide important information about our environment, greentechnologies, innovations, products, and services so that governments,corporations, organizations or individuals can "Go Green" using themost effective means possible. For every video watched by registeredusers one pound of carbon dioxide emissions will be offset. Green Tubeoffers videos on a variety of different channels including How To BeGreen › Green Transportation › Chill Out › Global Warming › SustainableHome › Eco-Friendly Products › Green Students › LOL- Funny › Organic ›News-Politicians› Clean Energy› Conservation› Green Jobs.

Greenedia(Video): Greenedia is a guide to the best Green social media availableon the Internet. Green social media is not just about activism. It’sabout the economy, business and investment. It’s about living,building, driving and eating green. Greenedia believes that socialmedia represents the next evolution (some would say revolution) ofmedia. They are dedicated to finding, organizing and presenting thebest social media being produced. Hundreds of green videos includingshows including Green TV, Treehugger TV, G Living Live.

GreenTV:This site is produced with the endorsement of The United NationsEnvironmental Programme claims it “is the first website to bringtogether films from a whole range of environmental organizations andindependent filmmakers and make them available to anyone anywhere.”Videos are organized into categories including News, Business, Kids,Air, Land, Water, Climate Change, Technologies, People and Species.

Green Energy TV: Green videos are organized into the following categories: green videos, Tips, Products, News and Jobs. Videos are also classified under the following headings: United Nations Development Programme,Solar Videos, Wind Videos, Fuels Videos, Hybrids Videos, Conserve Videos, Green Building Videos, Corp. Responsibility Videos, Organic Videos, Recycling Videos, Biomass Videos, Geothermal Videos, Educational Videos, Wave/Tidal Videos, Hydrogen Videos, Hydro Videos, Conferences Videos, Asia Videos, Europe Videos.


GreenWala(Video): Wala is a word used in parts of Asia that means “person”.Greenwala has been described as a company that is a ConsciousCollective. They are focused on harnessing the power of a community tocreate opportunities for people to "Go Green" and improve their lives.1456 videos on a wide variety of green topics including subjects like Al Gore’s new thinking on climate change and How to deal with climate change denial.

Green For All(video): They are a national organization working to build an inclusivegreen economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. They arededicated to improving the lives of all Americans through a cleanenergy economy. They work in collaboration with the business,government, labor, and grassroots communities to create and implementprograms that increase quality jobs and opportunities in green industry.

EarthBlips(Video): Created for people passionate about green living andenvironmental issues. With our unique combination of technology andeditorial, EarthBlips brings you inside the world of Energy andTransportation, Environmental Issues, Building and Design, GreenLiving, and more. One-stop access to all the breaking news, rumors, andcommentary from expert sources around the Web. The Blips sites delivercomprehensive, topical editorial coverage in focused communities acrossa broad range of subject matter. By tracking thousands of blogs indistinct verticals, they find unique, unheard stories from big to small.