1,000 Solar Mobile Phones Sent to Haiti

haiti 1,000 Solar Mobile Phones Sent to Haiti

Solar powered bibles are just one of the few things being sent to Haitias a relief for its disaster struck citizens.

Now, 1000 solar poweredmobile phones are being sent to Haiti, a country where communicationhas been cut of from its roots due to the recent earthquake. Thecompany’s, Intivation (a company that manufactures solar chargers thatare built into a phone) and Digicel (a Haitian mobile operator) willtake the initiative of sending these phones there. These phones canwork in areas with moody electric supply and use solar power to juicethemselves up instead.

These phones were released in June 2009 and more than halfa million of them have been sold by Intivation worldwide. The mobileoperator, Digicel has shown a huge support to the disaster relief fundswith is generous contribution of $10 million in $5 credits to its onemillion customers in Haiti. This act and initiative by these companiesis sure to help Haiti back on its communication track soon.

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