10 Tiny Green Homes

With nuclear families prospering and the conventional joint familiessuffering a definite setback over the decades, now people no longer bowto cohabitate with more people around. So, quite obviously, those with a green heart prefer staying in cozy, super-efficient tiny houses.Anyhow, it’s surely the best way to live. If you have been wondering how much living space is enough, you definitely should go through thisgreat list of tiny homes:

1. ‘The Pearl’ – A dome house featuring passive solar techniques!

pearl passive solar house IJKTW 40975 10 Tiny Green Homes

Designer David Fanchon gifted this Pearl House with passive solar technique, earthquake resistant dome shape, solarpanels, steel roof, FSC certified timber paneling interiors, heatretardation, cork beads, straw, geothermal heating and water harvestingeco-architectural features. Optimum utilization of passive solartechnique with integration of geothermal heating and rainwaterharvesting is the main theme of the design.

2. Incredible little house wins Small Project Award

littel house vkx4J 40975 10 Tiny Green Homes

Designed by South Africa based ABOD, this aesthetic, economic and structural beauty won Small Project Award by the American Institute of Architects. The theme of this design wasto bring affordability, transportability and quick construction to theforefront for homeless people any where in the world.

3. Chinese student creates a small solar-powered Egg House

chinese egg house e1VwD 40975 10 Tiny Green Homes

Designed by Daihai Fei, a Chinese student, the Egg House featuresbamboo frame, insulating material and roof-mounted solar panels. A layer of stitched bags filled with sawdust and grass seeds enhances grassgrowth. The eco-architectural wonder was built for $960 only.

4. Zeth: Temporary Solar home with natural insulation

solar home

Based on zero emissions constructional practices, the tiny house showcases proper disastermanagement, speedy construction, natural insulation system, andrecyclability aspects of eco architecture.

5. QB1: Energy-positive house promises carbon neutrality

qb1 energy positive house

Designed by Dr.Mike Page, this QB1 Cube Project features income generating surplus energy production, LEDlighting, cork flooring, air-source heat pump, timber frame and in-built waste processing system.

6. Self-sufficient Eco-Capsule, a Flint stone home of the future

eco capsule

Designed by Nice Architects, Slovakia, this stone-age Flintstone home is a live specimen of energy and water self-sufficiency, recyclability, and expandability of eco-architecture. Emergency sleeping for twoserves as the main theme for this 270 sq ft. capsule.

7. Candy-textured ‘Egg’ houses made of 90% recyclable materials

candy textured egg houses

Designed by Roberto Casati and Tuscan engineers group, this KasaUvo is known for its sustainability, usage of wood and car tire waste, andwind and solar sources. Other features include earth quake resistanceand inner energy-saving insulation.

8. Compact buBbLe prototype home folds into a box

compact bubble prototype

Designed by MMASA and Cipriano Chas, this low –cost, light weight, disaster relief fold-able house features insulating chamber walls, small kitchen, laundry, lighting system, and water hookup.

9. Solar Sheep – Hi-tech solar roof coupled with low-tech sheep wool insulation

solar sheep_

Designed by BIOS Architects, the eco-home named Solar Sheep utilizes modular construction approach. It promises to be an eco-friendly and self–sufficient dwelling of tomorrow.

10. An eco friendly ‘Walking House’ for nomads

walking house

Designed for nomads, this eco-friendly walking house utilizes wind and solar powers for energy sufficiency. Other green features include a composite toilet system.