10 Solar Speakers to Impress the Ladies this Summer

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The future of energy definitely rests on abundant natural resourcessuch as wind and sunlight that can be transformed into usableelectricity without any harmful emissions. Of all the possible sourcesof renewable energy, solar power seems the best, as it not only canprovide enough power to fuel entire cities but can easily be scaled down to power handheld devices as well. There has been no dearth of concepts and products that rely on solar power, and today we’ve put together alist of 10 sustainable speakers that dole out foot-tapping melodies onclean renewable solar energy.

• Tom Pritchard’s Solar Powered iPod Dock

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This solar-powered iPod dock has been designed for the Gear4 brand by industrial designerTom Pritchard. Apart from playing green tunes, the dock doubles as aniPod charger as well. The unique design takes inspiration from thebellows of an accordion. When the three hinged parts are unfolded, theported space behind the speaker cones gets much larger, allowingimproved bass response and volume. The speakers are passive and can runoff a docked iPod or iPhone, but when sufficient light hits the solarcells, which are mounted on the rear of the speakers, the built-inamplifier turns on and boosts the volume and charges the docked gadgetas well.

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• Solar Wireless Speaker:

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The Solar Wireless Speaker from Frontgate allows you to enjoy your favoritetunes without feeling guilty of having spent precious watts for leisure. The speaker lets you connect your iPod, CD/MP3 player, TV or stereo tothe transmitter which beams the music wirelessly to the all-weather900MHz wireless outdoor speaker that is capable of transmitting crystalclear sound in a 150’ range even through walls, floors and evenceilings! A built-in solar panel makes sure the batteries on yourspeaker are always fully charged.

• Gramo Speakers:

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Designed by Pekka Salokannel, the Gramo Speakers are just what you need to green your musical life. Thespeakers are powered by three layers of photovoltaic panels that areincorporated onto their surface. The solar panels charge the built-inbattery pack, allowing the user to use the speakers even after sunset.

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• SunnySong:


Designed by Tryi Yeh, the SunnySong concept is a Bluetooth speaker system that can be connected to a widerange of portable music players. The design mimics a flower, whichharnesses solar energy to provide ample electricity to make the speakersystem churn out green music.


• Soulra iPod Speaker:

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The Soulra iPod speaker features a full-range 8W RMS speaker that draws powerfrom an onboard solar panel. Packed inside a water-resistant body, thedock offers 7 hours of continuous iPod play on a fully charged battery.

• Landport Active Speakers:

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Created by Landport Japan, these Active Speakers harvest solar energy from onboard solar panels thatrecharge a lithium-ion battery. Weighing in at 290g, the speakers canalso be connected to a USB terminal to recharge during overcast days.The device carries to built-in speakers, each of which is rated at 2W.With a fully charged battery the speakers provide you with 5-8 hours ofcontinuous playback.

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• ReVerb:

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Created by Regen, the ReVerb is a gargantuan iPod dock that is powered by solar energy. The3-foot-tall iPod dock will kick out an equivalent of a room-filling 60Wand carries a backlit LCD display to keep you informed about the statusof the system. The flat-panel system can fully charge its onboardbatteries with 20 hours of sun exposure or 40 hours of indoor lightexposure. The company believes that the system can work for three hoursafter three hours of exposure or about six hours of indoor lightexposure.

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• Solar Sound System:

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Designed by Paolo Metaldi and Luca Elli, the Solar Sound System includes photovoltaic panels on the upper part of thedevice to trap solar energy, and in the bottom part the speakers areplaced. The design provides highly portable and wireless solution forboth indoor and outdoor music needs. The concept is customizable with avariety of plastic covers and ergonomic handles, which allow you tocarry it easily anywhere. The included LEDs alert you when the power onthe system is running low.

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• DIY Sola System:


This DIY portable audio player and speakers are powered entirely bythe sun. The Sola System is created to be easy on your pocket and also on theenvironment as well. Its slender form makes it easy to be carried around and its unique angling system allows you to harness the sun’s rays from any position.

• Solar Sound:

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The Solar Sound is being touted to be the world’s first portablesolar-powered Bluetooth stereo speaker. The device plays music through 2 x 2W speakers. Measuring at about 16.5 x 5.5 x 5.5cm, theenvironmentally inspired speakers feature touch control along with anintegrated 150mA solar panel – indicated via the illuminated yellow logo when charging. Supporting a built-in Lithium-Ion 1500mAh battery, thespeaker system lets you enjoy music in full-volume for about 4 hours on a single charge.

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