10 Energy Generating Parking Structures for Electric Vehicles

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In the world of tomorrow, sustainability shouldn’t just be limitedto the ‘green’ technology driven devices; every element from structuresto vehicles should be imbibed with that same manner of energyefficiency, so that we can collectively progress into an extraordinarily sustainable era. Now, there have been concepts that do clearly alludeto such a direction, and solar-powered parking lots have been one ofthem. Industrial designers have contrived of such conceptions that notonly recharge with clean energy but also generate electricity forlighting purpose. So here is a list of the 10 amazing energy generatingparking concepts for electric cars that we should all take a peek at.

1. Park Green parking lot features optimally inclined solar panels:

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Abast Energia, a Spanish engineering firm has come up with this adroit design in form of a parking lot with solar paneled roofs mounted optimally atan angle of 15 degrees. Named as ParkGreen, the station can generate apower of 3.33 kW of solar energy for two parked electric vehicles.Moreover, the sturdy, anti-corrosion parking lot features an air chamber for natural ventilation and cooling, along with LEDs to go with itsconspicuousness.

2. Solar Parking Garages:

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Envision Solar of California has come with an ingenious solution for integrating solar panels on the roofs of parking structures. Theresultant electricity can then be transferred to an adjacent building,fed into the power grid, or be used to charge electric cars in theparking lot. The only downside to this arrangement can be the high costof the solar panels itself.

3. A parking lot with solar powered electric charging station in Tennessee:

solar parking lot 1

The first EV charging station in south eastern U.S., the $180,000 parking lot integrates a 20kW solar array on its roof. A plug-in hybrid or an all-electric car can beeasily connected to the charger, while the customer waits. Funded by the state, this convenient conception has in a way inspired otherinstallations to crop up in the vicinity, in places like Nashville andChattanooga.

4. Solar Forest Concept by Neville Mars:


A wondrous concept from Neville Mars, Solar Forest acts as a confluence of solar poweredparking lots and visually appealing urban landscape. Composed of ‘trees’ with photovoltaic leaves, the ‘trunk’ portion will consist of poweroutlets for charging. And aside from powering up vehicles, thisfascinating design could also provide shades.

5. Eco Garage Automatic Parking for Chicago:

eco garage automatic parking for chicago 1

Though not strictly an energy generating parking concept, this ambitious proposal surely calls for energy efficiency. The Green Park Eco Garage isbasically a robotic scheme for parking around 100 cars, but using aneffectual space management system where cars can be stacked uponmultilevel platforms, which allows for 20 cars to occupy a same area as 4 would have done in normal parking conditions.

6. Solar Parking Lot Structure at Dell Head-Quarters:

dell round rock parking lot solar 20091024

In collaboration with McBride Electric Inc., Envision Solar and BP Solar, Dell has unveiled their solar powered parking lot in 2009. Already known as being one of the major companies to patronize sustainability, this was certainly another ‘green’ step ahead.

7. Romag introduces PowerPark solar carport:


A company called Romag Holdings has launched their own version of energy generating carports in Britain. Utilizing laminated photovoltaic panels, each unit istouted to have a peak output of 150 kilowatts. Moreover, when novehicles are plugged, the extra power is fed back into the grid. Indeed, a true ‘conservation of energy’!

8. Nejur Andrei’s solar parking juices up electric cars wirelessly:

solar parking by nejur andrei 1_o9zh7_11446

Uniquely different from other solar parking lots, Romanian designer Nejur Andrei has contrived of a proposition where there could be wireless transmission of charge from an abovesolar canopy to the charging coil embedded in the asphalt, and fromthere to the car battery. Using an automatic system, the undergroundbattery pack transmits this charge on to the multiple charging coilsjust below the parked car, and from there a receiving coil situatedunder the car draws up that charge. Once the car’s battery is full, thesensors inside the asphalt can stop the charging process.

9. Solar parking lot that uses your car’s windshield as a heliostat:

solasis parking lot_1_nctzq_69

Conceptualized by designers Klaud Wasiak and Yongbang Ho, this is the Solasis LightTower – an energy generating parking lot with an exceptional differencein mechanism. The lot will integrate a solar power concentrating towerthat uses the windshields and hoods of cars as sun tracking andconcentrating mirrors. The extra power after recharging of the car willbe given back to the main grid.

10. Electric car parking tower that powers cars with solar and wind energy:

electric car parking tower futurism 01

At the end we have come across another delightful conception, and this time it is from designer Roberto Dei Lidi. Named as the SmartTower, the design will feature a wholly automated system where it canlift and rotate cars, leaving the space underneath for other purposes.But, the most important thing about the design is that it will utilizeboth solar panels and a vertical wind turbine for clean energygeneration.