10 Awesome Solar Powered Chargers

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In recent times there has been much said and ballyhooed about greenrenewable energy sources and how they can be utilized at their maximized level. Well, a solar charger is one such rare example where the optimum usage of renewable solar energy is truly covered at its efficient best. Such portable chargers can decisively prove to be the saviors for daredevil adventurers, determined trekkers or even serious travelers, oncethey are ‘into the wild’, and there is no source of power except thebeaming, effulgent sun. Here is list of 10 best yet off-grid solarchargers, any resolute journeyer wouldn’t dare to overlook.

1. Freeloader Solar Charger

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The Freeloader Portable Solar Charger is a cutting-edge portable charging system that can power almost everyhandheld device, at any time. Encased in a hardy yet modernisticaluminium body, this device is basically dual powered – by solar panelsand even by a charging cable connectible to PC USB Ports. Its internalLithium-ion batteries once fully charged can power an iPod for 18hours, a mobile phone for 44 hours, a PDA for 22 hours and even a PSP for 2.5hours! This amazing solar charger costs just $39.99.

2. Muzatch MZH-SP-6000 solar charger

muzatch 1 ok81r 69 nc1nx 37497 FYXQM 5638 10 Awesome Solar Powered Chargers

Muzatch has launched the MZH-SP-6500 /SP-6000 renewable energy charger for notebook computers. This gem of a gadget,albeit a little costly, features the exclusive Muzatch’s intellectualadaptable patented technology that can adjust different voltage andelectric currents, practically offering protection from overcharge, over current and short circuit. According to the company, the device cancharge a wide variety of products and incorporates a built-inlithium-ion battery with a capacity of 12,000mAh. The solar charger candeliver an output voltage ranging from 5V to 22V.
Price : $149.95

3. Sungen unveils foldable solar-powered gadget charger

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Sungen International Limited has been tirelessly working to makesolar energy easy to access and harvest. The company unveiled a newproduct line of foldable gadget chargers at CES 2010. The charger is devised with solar panels and a built-in battery that can charge tofull capacity in about 25 hours of sunlight. In addition to gadgetchargers, the company has also unveiled a charging kit for poweringlarger appliances by green sources.

4. Thanko debuts hybrid solar charger for portable electronic devices

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‘Small’ and Sweet – This new charger features a diminutive size of only W70 × H70 × D29mm along with threeLED lights on the side. The device incorporates an 18cm pull type cablethat turns on a dynamo to generate electricity with human power orrather pull. The device also features a 30cm cable for solar chargealong with three different color connectors.

5. The Strapya mini solar cell phone charger

strapya solar charger_jcrep_37497

Smaller in size than an iPod, this unique contraption surely packs a power when it gets 6-10 hours of sunlight. It connectsto the cell phone using an adapter and after that you can get 3 hours of dependable energy. But the big advantage of Strapya is its small price – of just $17.54.

6. PSP Solar Charger


Consisting of two solar panels, it could charge your handheld PSP effortlessly on the sunny days, that too forreasonable price of $28.76. But the queer disadvantage of this gadgetis that the PSP screen is not bright enough to negate the effect ofdirect sunlight.

7. Solar Plug allows Sun to power your laptop

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If your are on a field trip with the whole wide world cut away fromyou, this is the right charger for you – or rather your laptop. Thepocket size Solar Plug features a system of micro-processor with solar panel that helps togenerate 12v of electrical current, an optimum quantity for powering alaptop.

8. LJ-2600B 2600mAH best solar charger


LJ-2600B best solar charger comes with a stylish blue aluminum cover, but itsmain job is converting that light energy into our precious electricity,and it does so with pretty efficiency. Featuring a photoelectric panel,and a built-in 2600mAH Lithium-ion battery, this device can be recharged by computer USB and a standard AC outlet. It can power a plethora ofdigital products such as cellphones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 and MP4players, and even GPS devices.

9. The Brunton SolarRoll

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Brunton SolarRoll is basically a 58-inch long roll-up solar panel. It performs betterthan those solar-powered bags and backpacks, and moreover we don’t haveto worry about finding an electrical outlet when we’re traveling withmobile devices. Costing between $199 and $499, and with a littlesunlight, it can easily and cleanly charge laptops, cell phones,cameras, and even car batteries. And it is also waterproof!

10. Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger


Featuring 3 high-efficiency solar cells and an internal 1650Amh Lithium-Ion Battery, the Solio Classic is a great way to make a green statement. It has also the capability to hold a charge for up to 1 year!